Our Team


Ralph - Balancer - Balancer & Vibration Analyst
Ralph joined Stator in 2010 with a git-r-done attitude from day one. With over 23 years of experience in the industry and a slew of trades tickets under his belt, Ralph is a co-owner at Stator, ensuring the company is on track to reach milestones and targets.


Arndt - Mechanic, Motor Rewinder
Arndt doesn't have enough vowels in his name, but his 35 years of experience more than makes up for that. An expert in mechanics and rewinds, Arndt has been an integral part of the Stator team since 1996.


Shane - Mechanic, Motor Rewinder
With 8 years of experience, Shane's expertise in electronics makes him an indispensable member of Stator. When he's not repairing a motor at work he's repairing his hot rod at home, or catching the Canucks game with is friends and family.


Wintana - Office Admin Assistant
In charge of the behind-the-scenes paperwork and record keeping, Wintana's role as Office Administrative Assistant is one of the main reasons the Stator ship sails smoothly. In her personal time, Wintana loves to travel and volunteers with the deaf community.


Dan - Sales Manager
Dan is the self-proclaimed 'cute' sales manager. The others don't agree. With over 30 years of sales experience, Dan is in charge of both inside and outside sales. If Dan isn't spending time with his family and their dog Jayk, you can often track him down at a nearby golf course in the sand bunker.


Gavin - Apprentice
Gavin is the resident Apprentice and specializes in electrical motors and balancing. A young and motivated worker, Gavin shows great promise at Stator. When he's not in the shop, he enjoys ripping it up on his dirt bike in the outdoors.

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